WhatsApp Integration with BOT

Why Watsapp

messages sent via WhatsApp daily

businesses using WhatsApp Business

approx. spend to WhatsApp/week

Scale engagement

Connect with billions of potential customers on their favorite messaging app even without a live agent 24×7—drive-up conversions exponentially with WhatsApp’s highest open rate.

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Tailored solution

Skip the one-size-fits-all concept and build a strong relationship with customers by delivering a personalized experience through powerful integration. Assist customers throughout the journey.

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Automated replies

Don’t leave a customer to grow unengaged with instant response as automated replies from the bot. Reduce wait time and improve conversation resolution

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Improved conversation quality

Use rich-media messaging for clear communication. Also, encrypted messages take care of the security part, making your customers and conversations secured.

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Engine agnostic

Integrates seamlessly with engine best for your business and use case for increased lead and conversion

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Quick installation

Go live in no time with this single box setup. One server one system to manage all channels over a single unified screen.

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Features of CXI

Omnichannel Engagement

360° interaction history

Unified Agent workspace

Built-in Case Management

Built-in Knowledge Base

Seamless 3rd party integration

Enterprise-class reporting

Supervisor assist

Smart BOT*


Higher conversions

Real-time engagement over WhatsApp

Personalized experience

Enhance CX with in-person resolutions

CSAT score

Highly responsive and swift query resolution

Loyal customers

24x7 presence for customers’ assistance

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