Save time, reduce frustration and improve Credit Union Call Center performance.

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In this digital age, there is nothing more frustrating for members than having to repeatedly identify themselves when they call their Credit Unions with questions.  This unnecessary task results in extendeded call time, lengthy bottlenecks of members on hold, increased operational/payroll costs, and reduced Member Service Representative (MSR) productivity.

Automate the time-consuming manual process of validating member information in your core systems with the CXInfinity Credit Union Core system screen pop solution.

Pop-out the member information from your core systems on agent’s screen as soon as the call lands enabling your agent to start the conversation in a personalized way. Reduce an average of 20 seconds or more off every member call,  improve MSR productivity and satisfaction levels which ensures happier members.

Watch to learn

  • How core system screen pop improves member experience.
  • Screen pop vs Credit Union Agent Desktop, what’s better for your Credit Union.
  • Flexibility to expedite high value premium accounts to front of call queues.
  • MSRs can Greet your members by their preferred first or last name.
  • How does this simple feature improve your Credit Union’s Net Promoter Score.
  • ROI – we will provide a customized calculation for your Credit Union, it’s a No Brainer!
  • Implementation and training is streamlined and is provided remotely.

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