Cisco Finesse + AI + Digital Channels: learn how to make them work together

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With modern buyers more adaptable to digital technologies, the customer experience is at the forefront of how customers rate the brands. This makes the “Digital First” approach imperative for businesses to deliver a consistent experience.

Now the first question is, how to digitally transform CX with Cisco Finesse (CCE, CCX or PCCE) contact centers. What should be the right platform, digital channels mix or AI strategy to embrace CX.

Watch the webinar recording and learn how you can scale up your digital customer journey from your Cisco Finesse contact center without ripping off any of your current systems.

In the video, you’ll learn about:

  • How to scale up Cisco Contact Centers for effective digital channel engagement
  • Driving productivity with powerful web & mobile app chat with multilingual support, rich text, file transfer, voice notes, group chat and more.
  • Shifting to one-to-one personalized experience with video calling (WebRTC) & co-browse
  • Adding Google Dialogflow & IBM Watson to your Cisco Finesse Contact Center for self serve or bot escalation to a Cisco agent
  • Advanced Supervisor Management with re-queuing, silent monitoring, bot monitoring, barge-in, contextual search, real time analytics and enterprise grade reporting
  • Embrace agent productivity with unified omnichannel desktop, 360° interaction history, interaction tagging and advanced data integrations.
  • Being productive from day 1 for your industry with predefined desktop templates, 100s of bot flows, core system integrations and optimized solutions for Banking, Finance, Credit Unions, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Government & more.

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