Video Chat integration with Cisco Finesse Contact Centers

Why Video Chat

users say online video calling keeps them connected

banks believe video improve customer satisfaction

people say videos make it easier to understand things

Quick transition

Instantly escalate any conversation to video chat for an engaging experience. Faster resolution with realtime meetings to understand customer perspective straight from a text chat to live interaction.

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In-person assistance

An interactive experience for the in-store feel or visual guidance to showcase products, software installation process, video KYC, and more. Live video chat software improves CSAT score and creates better emotional connect with customers

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All-in one support tool

Video chat tool lends a helping hand in hassle-free query resolution from any device without the need for any third-party downloads. Manage live video along with all digital channels over a single interface

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Live web collaboration session

Face-to-face interaction along with sharing documents, text chat, co-browsing or applications. Even the interaction history is available for personalized assistance.

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Seamless Cisco Integration

  • One screen view – Handle video chat and other channel conversations over a single screen
  • Blended tool – Interface embedded within Cisco Finesse for agents to work seamlessly
  • Productivity tools – Instant assistance with built-in Knowledge Base and Case Management
  • Recording facility – Video recording available to train teams and monitor security

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Features of CXI

Digital omnichannel engagement

360-degree customer’s view

Dedicated Agent workspace

Case Management tool

Built-in self-help

Seamless 3rd party app integration

Smart routing

Supervisor desktop



More conversions

Realtime engagement and quick resolution

Personalized experience

In-person conversation with video assistance and file sharing

Happier customers

Improved and instant resolution without losing context

Higher loyalty

Maintain security and privacy of data throughout the customer journey