WhatsApp Integration with Mitel Contact Centers

Why WhatsApp

active users worldwide.

daily active users worldwide.

open rate for Watsapp messages.

Realtime two-way communication

Mitel WhatsApp integration grows business exponentially, allowing customers to connect with businesses without delay. From product/service insights to instant sharing of updates on delivery, ticket booking, and more, WhatsApp makes it possible

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Personalized service

Easy to deploy, WhatsApp integration for Mitel contact center embeds it within the existing interface. Agents can instantly initiate chats without the need to undergo any training.

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Engaging conversations

Get empowered with conversational commerce—no scope for losing conversation context and start interaction from anywhere over WhatsApp. Rich-media and encrypted messaging improve resolution that supports different message formats.

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Seamless Mitel Integration

  • Single interface to manage conversation across digital channels and voice
  • Quick onboarding with interface embedded within Mitel interface
  • Go live in no time with a single box setup
  • Seamless integration with CRM and other 3rd party applications

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Features of CXI

Omnichannel Engagement

360° interaction history

Unified Agent workspace

Built-in Case Management

Built-in Knowledge Base

Seamless 3rd party integration

Enterprise-class reporting

Supervisor assist

Smart BOT*


More leads

Interact with customers instantly

Improve customer experience

Personalized engagement with rich-media messaging

Higher CSAT

Improved satisfaction with real-time query resolution

Increase NPS

Encrypted messaging that grows trust