Smart Knowledge Base Software to Scale Self-Service & Support Agents

Why Knowledge Base

customers prefer online knowledge base tailored to their needs

customers prefer self-service over human contact understand things

companies with web or mobile self-service observe increased website traffic

High-quality Knowledge sharing

Empower agents and customers with updated articles in knowledge repository software. Find and manage article sharing in realtime.

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Reduced tickets

Complete library of articles within knowledge management software to instantly resolve query at your end and share with customers when required in any format.

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Seamless integration

Integrated across digital channels to proactive assistance throughout the customer journey from product-related information to technical support across channels.

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Knowledge Center Software

Easy to use

  • Create, publish and organize articles for customers and agents
  • Role-based access rights to maintain the privacy of documents
  • Robust content search with multiple fields and tags

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Features of CXI

Omnichannel self-help

Share articles

Article predictor

Integrated with Case Management tool

Advanced search options

Controlled access

Language localization

Customized help-center

Rich text editor


More empowerment

Highly informed customers and agents

Personalized experience

Customers can access issue-specific data only

Improved CSAT

Reduced ticket volume with quality resolution

Higher trust

Improved customer loyalty with transparent self-service