Leave no customer unengaged Engage across channels at all times

Never let opportunities fall through the cracks because of offline agents. Extend human-like conversations to engage with more customers across digital channels with virtual agents.

ai customer service chatbot

Boost contact center performance with AI Bots

  • One bot, Multiple channels

    Scale customer interactions across digital channels, including website, social, messaging and more for higher leads and conversion.

  • Scale up your contact center

    Manage more conversations across channels with the same agent’s headcount and scale up your contact center with chatbot platform

  • Be 24/7 available

    Never leave customer unattended because unavailability of agent. Be 24/7 available with bots

ai chatbot for website
ai customer service bot

  • Balance human and bot

    Supercharge agents with powerful AI engine to efficiently handle level 1 queries without searching for answers and instantly escalate the conversation to a human agent incase of complex queries for seamless conversation.

  • Conversation to relationship

    Virtual agent to offer the most accurate and quick answers in the first go

  • Route conversations

    Seamless switch of conversation from a virtual agent to a real agent based on routing engine rules.

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machine learning chatbot

Conversational AI to improve interactions

More than yes & no…AI- powered bot that works on understanding customer’s expectation instead of pitching robotic replies.

  • Intent master

    Responds quickly, resolve a complaint, make reservations, register a case and do a lot more without human intervention.

  • Agent assist

    Assist agent in pitching most appropriate response over on-going chat with real-time suggestions and information inputs from integrated Knowledge Base.

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ai chatbot online

Complex functions, easy setup

Perfect ally of smart and human-like virtual bots with no complicated setup. Think for leads and conversions, not the complex coding.

  • Quick implementation

    Go live in no time with simple setup and BOT integration

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Smart bot to engage

Assure seamless flow of conversation by empowering your bots with the power of integration for higher engagement and zero deflection

  • Personalized conversations

    Integrate with CRM, Knowledge Base, Case Management and other 3rd party tools for personalized and customized solution

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conversational ai software

Engine Agnostic

Work with chatbot engine best for your business, including Dialogflow and IBM Watson, for improved customer engagement.

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