Get more done with co-browse

of customers are more satisfied with the co-browsing experience

of annual growth with co-browsing

of higher annual customer satisfaction

Guide customers and website visitors in real time

See your customers screen and help if they get stuck

● Engage with customers and leads in real-time
● Be there when your customers need you
● Walk website visitors through forms, content or downloads

CoBrowsing is great for

Online account management

Online credit applications

Online Forms

Online college applications

Online payments

SaaS Product Walkthroughs

Don’t wait to be asked

Leverage AI to trigger co-browsing suggestions for idle sessions. Let bots suggest a co-browsing session or enable agents to pop on live chat personally to let your customers know help is available

Work face-to-face with customers

Launch a video chat alongside co-browsing to interact with customers in real time, while you assist them

Streamline service with unified agent desktop

See the complete customer conversation, alongside customer data and your co-browsing session in a unified agent desktop. Maximize agent productivity with CxInfinity’s single interface CX.

● Conversations
● Knowledge base
● Case management
● Customer data

Resolve Issues quickly, convert more leads, and keep your clients and agents happy

Session Recording

● Customers can use videos for future reference and training new users.
● Recordings allow for customer service audits.

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No Downloads Needed

● Seamless transitions without any third-party software downloads.
● Multiple browsing options are available with multi-tab capability.

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Annotation & Screen Control

● Decrease frustration with screen control. Simply gain permission and help walk customers to a solution.
● Make notes and highlights for customers, right on their screen.

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One-on-one support for any industry and application









Ensure better results with secure streaming

● Data-masking allows customers to hide sensitive information to ensure privacy
● Encrypted connections keep calls confidential
● Audio and video session recording reinforces accountability

Work smarter (not harder) with these integrations

Better Customer Service. Happier Customers.

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